I am Lucy and I am full time lifestyle and wedding/elopement photographer based in Prague BUT willing to travel around the globe. 

It’s exciting that you are here, browsing through my portfolio. WOW thanks a lot for your time..

WHY ME? Why choose me as your photographer?

Here is some basic info - I studied Advertisement and Photography, I have been full time photographer for 7 years and I have been working on many interesting campaigns with local fashion and jewelry designers, stylists, models ..  my photos were published in several magazines .. 

HOWEVER my heart belongs to LOVE STORY SESSIONS. No matter which kind of photoshooting is it, whether it is wedding or elopement or just “I’ve found my soulmate” session .. So if you are looking for passionate photographer who can really take picture of LOVE (in every meaning of it) , I am your person. TRUST ME, I will get it done.. But I am sure that my portfolio speaks for itself. 

If you really wanna know me well .. I also have a passion about nature, Nature is the place where I go if I am not in a mood, where I can reload my energy. Not only am I a nature enthusiast, but also I love my dog Albus (Harry Potter freak, obviously), and my horse Simi (are you expecting Sirius? haha)  .. so if I am not behind my lens or editing in lightroom I will probably soaking fresh air in the forrest (or drinking beer .. or wine. Ok, thats already too much information)

Děkuji za Váš čas strávený u mě na webových stránkách. Moc si toho vážím!


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