My name is Lucie and I am lifestyle and wedding photographer.

With great passion and creativity, I strive to capture the most amazing moments of your life and transform them into unforgettable memories. My photographs are not just a record but also an artistic expression of your life stories.

Michaela & Frantiöek

Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, all consuming, can't live without each other love.

I specialize in capturing love stories. Couples, weddings, families.

My style is cinematic, timeless, modern, documentary, and artistic.

My goal is to make the experience unforgettable for all of you, so that you'll want to look at the photos over and over again, with the same enthusiasm and love as the first time.

It's about quality time spent together.

Anna & Martin

artfull moments

Michaela & František
Míša & Petr


I believe that photography is much more than you might be willing to admit at this moment. It's an opportunity to stimulate imagination, to romanticize life moments, and make them unforgettable. Photography can take us through time, evoking memories years later that we might have otherwise forgotten. It helps preserve those small moments that are more than crucial for life.

Lenka & Jirka
Michaela & Frantiöek

My work is heavily influenced by film, music, and books. I seek inspiration in unique shots or even music videos. You can listen to this one right away; it just has an amazing vibe. I love retro, the 70s, and the 90s. That's why I often shoot on film, giving my photos a touch of that era. I find inspiration in the works of great directors, photographers, and other artists.

... I am a big nature lover. If I'm not feeling well or need to recharge, I go for a walk in the forest. I have a great companion who often joins me for photography as well. His name is Albus, and he's the best dog I know. I've also found great fortune alongside my horse, Simi. He has taught me a lot about myself, helping me slow down in today's world and reconnect with myself.

I was born under the sign of Pisces. For those interested in this topic, my ascendant is in Libra and Virgo. I am a very sensitive and emotionally oriented person. I believe it's not a coincidence that, despite my initial plans to become a diplomat, the art associated with emotions found its way to me. Because of my sensitivity, I can connect with people around me and sense, among other things, the direction in which photography should go. The fact that I can create stories for you according to our shared visions is a dream come true.

Stories I tell .. 

each photo is a story.


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